close-up of a tree frog, Hyla cinera, photo by JD Willson

Clark Hubbs' Student Travel Awards

Travel awards of $600 each ($800 for intercontinental travelers) will be awarded to help defray travel expenses to participate in the annual ASIH meeting. A student may apply for an award in only one category (Ichthyology or Herpetology). The awards will be chosen by random draw. You are eligible for an ASIH travel award if:

  • You are currently a student (undergraduate or graduate) AND a member of ASIH
  • You are presenting your research at the annual meeting (oral or poster presentation)
  • You have not previously received an ASIH travel award
  • You are eligible for an intercontinental award if you will be traveling to the meeting from a location that will require an intercontinental flight.

Students attending North American schools are eligible for an intercontinental travel award if they will be traveling to the meeting directly from a field site in another continent. If you receive a travel award, you are obligated to work four one-hour shifts at the ASIH raffle table during the meeting. Once you have completed your shifts, you can pick up your check from the raffle coordinator.

The deadline for application is May 20, 2020.

Please contact Adania Flemming (aflemming@ for more info.