rattlesnake, Crotalus mitchellii, photo by J.D. Willson


Member Benefits

The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH) is a non-profit organization established to advance the scientific study of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles.

  • Subscription to our professional journal Copeia;
  • Waiver of page charges for publication in Copeia and reduced cost of color reproductions.
  • Invitation to attend and present papers at our annual meeting;
  • Inclusion in and access to our online membership directory;
  • The opportunity to compete for monetary and honorary professional and student awards.

How to Apply

Member Categories

ASIH offers five classes of memberships on a calendar-year basis, three of which provide the option of selecting a subscription to the paper as well as the ejournal version of Copeia. New paper version memberships accepted prior to August 31 are credited full memberships and receive all 4 issues of Copeia for that year; members accepted after September 1 are credited full memberships as of January 1.

Member Awards

One way ASIH encourages and supports herpetologists and ichthyologists is through our Professional Awards, and our undergraduate and graduate Student Awards.

Regular Member

  • $100: paper + ejournal subscription¬†
  • $60: ejournal-only subscription

Student Member

  • $65: paper + ejournal subscription
  • $25: ejournal-only subscription

PostDoc/Temp. Job

  • $65: paper + ejournal subscription
  • $25: ejournal-only subscription

Associate Member 

  • $35: (2nd member in family, no journal)

Sustaining Member

  • $150: paper + ejournal subscription
  • $115: ejournal-only subscription

Life Member

  • $2500 (single payment): paper + ejournal subscription
  • $2500 (four installments of $625): paper + ejournal subscription