close-up of a tree frog, Hyla cinera, photo by JD Willson

Honorary Foreign Members

Honorary Foreign Members is a recognition of eminent distinction in research bestowed upon ichthyologists and herpetologists who are located outside Canada, Mexico, and the United States. (*deceased)

Name Year Elected Field Nationality & Residence
Luis Malabarba 2012 Ichthyologist Brazilian
Paul Skelton 2011 Ichthyologist South African
Michael B. Thompson 2011 Herpetologist Australian
Indraneil Das 2014 Herpetologist Indian in Sarawak
Célio F.B. Haddad 2013 Herpetology Brazilian
Stanley S. Flower* 1938 Herpetologist British
C. Tate Regan* 1938 Ichthyologist British
Arthur Smith Woodward* 1938 Ichthyologist British
F. Wall* 1938 Herpetologist British
L. D. Brongersma* 1939 Herpetologist Dutch
Georg Duncker* 1939 Herpetologist German
Adolpho Lutz* 1939 Herpetologist Brazilian
Robert Mertens* 1939 Herpetologist German
J. R. Norman* 1939 Ichthyologist British
H. W. Parker* 1939 Herpetologist British
Jacques Pellegrin* 1939 Ichthyologist French
P. J. Schmidt* 1939 Ichthyologist Russian
Malcom Smith* 1940 Herpetologist British
Paul Chabanaud* 1946 Ichthyologist French
F. de Beaufort* 1946 Ichthyologist Dutch
Fernando de Buen* 1946 Ichthyologist Spanish in Latin America
G. F. deWitte* 1946 Herpetologist Belgium
S. L. Hora* 1946 Ichthyologist Indian
Hemano Nicefora Maria* 1946 Herpetologist French in Colombia
F. Angel* 1946 Herpetologist French in Colombia
C. C. Liu* 1947 Herpetologist Chinese
J. L. B. Smith* 1947 Ichthyologist South African
A. Vedel Taning* 1947 Ichthyologist Danish
Lorenz Müller* 1948 Herpetologist German
J. Guibé* 1951 Herpetologist French