detail of freshwater stingray, Potomotrygon, by M.H. Sabaj Perez

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Labs for Prospective Graduate Students and Postdocs

The following are two growing online spreadsheets of herpetologically- and ichthyologically-minded labs that are actively recruiting graduate students and/or postdocs. If you lab is actively recruiting, these spreadsheets also provide links for submitting your information. 

Scientific and Standard English Names List

The 8th Edition of the Scientific and Standard English Names List is the fourth complete document published by SSAR since Brian Crother was named chair of the committee in 1997 by SSAR president Henry Mushinsky. The committee is organized into subcommittees of experts on the separate taxonomic groups anurans, caudates, lizards (not including snakes), snakes, turtles, and alien (introduced) species. Since the inception of this committee, several contributors have come and gone, but their significant contributions to building the document remain. By its very nature, this document builds on the previous work of others who contributed to previous editions of this document. Because of this, these past contributors should also receive recognition for their work. While it is too late to include a “Past Contributors” in the 8th Edition, this companion note serves as that recognition now and will be included in the 9th Edition.

  • David M. Green: 7th Edition, Anura
  • Stephen G. Tilley: 5th, 6th, 7th Editions, Caudata (chair)
  • David B. Wake: 5th, 6th, 7th Editions, Caudata
  • Jack W. Sites, Jr: 5th Edition, Squamata - (excluding Snakes)
  • Jonathan A. Campbell: 5th, 6th, 7th Editions, Squamata - Snakes
  • Alexander Pyron: 7th Edition, Squamata – Snakes
  • Travis W. Taggart: 5th Edition, Squamata – Snakes

National Comparative Museum Salary StudyNational Comparative Museum Salary Study

Download the 2012 National Comparative Museum Salary Study prepared by the American Alliance of Museums.

Ichthyological Collections and Curation Practices

1978 ASIH report on Ichthyological collections and curatorial practices.

Curation Newsletters

Between 1980 and 1999 the ASIH Collections Committee published 12 "Curation Newsletters" on best practices and supplies.