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The JMIH 2020 has been canceled.

Posted on Mar 29, 2020

All registrations will be refunded at 100%. Please visit the JMIH 2020 webpage for refund details.

In cooperation with our hotel partners in Norfolk, BAI, and the four JMIH Presidents, the JMIH will meet in Norfolk in July of 2023. This part has been the critical piece in being able to minimize the costs of a cancellation.

Simple cancellations are expensive. The cancellation of the 2020 JMIH would have cost $240,000–$300,000. All four JMIH Presidents (including Marty Crump, SSAR, Susan Walls, HL, and Dave Ebert, AES) agreed cancellation was the right thing to do. However, we believed that if we could ameliorate the extraordinary expense, then delaying the cancellation a short time was worthwhile. Time will tell if this strategy was appropriate, but the four of us believe that this approach has been successful.

Our hybrid “cancellation with postponement” costs are now approximately $50,000. To make that work, we agreed to pay a deposit to our hotel partners for holding our 2023 JMIH in Norfolk.

BAI recommended we wait even longer to see if a “force majeure” would be in place. This could have resulted in a no-cost cancellation. However, the effectiveness of force majeure remains to be seen. Indeed, some of BAI’s attorneys have even suggested that we may still be able to be the benefactors later this summer even though we have already canceled. We will wait and see. In the meantime, we all believe that our members are very interested in making the right decision, even in the face of some financial penalty.

There are naturally going to be many questions going forward. Now that we have reached a decision, we can work to keep the membership updated and informed via email blasts, ASIH website posting, and social media posts. I have leaned heavily upon the ASIH Executive Committee in my decisions that are intended to represent our membership. As the least credentialed among them, I am honored and lucky to have this bunch of direct, thoughtful, and super-bright persons helping me along.

We especially are looking forward to our 100th ASIH meeting at the 2021 JMIH in Phoenix. At that point, it’ll be great to be able to share much of what has happened in our more normal BOG, BAAM, and face-to-face meetings.

Chris Beachy
ASIH President


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