Giant Sea Bass, Stereolepis gigas, by David Wang

Ichtyoplankton Lab and Workshop in Corvallis, OR

Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Peter Konstantinidis is teaching an ichthyoplankton lab and workshop July 23-28, 2018 in Corvallis, Oregon. This 6-day intensive course is dedicated to the systematics and identification of larval fishes. The goal is to equip participants with a skill set in identification of ichthyoplankton to family level or to a lower taxonomic level.

The lab will include daily lectures on taxonomic groups of marine fishes with the focal point on their larval characters. Participants are welcome to bring unidentified ichthyoplankton samples or mixed species lots to the course to help with their identification.

For more information please visit or email peter.konstantinidis [at]

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