Giant Sea Bass, Stereolepis gigas, by David Wang

November Workshop - NE Freshwater Fishes Assemblages (updated 9/17/16)

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

A workshop on Northeastern Freshwater Fish Assemblages will be held from 4-6 November 2016 at the Eagle Hill Institute in Steuben, Maine. This workshop will explore the world of both native and introduced fish resident to inland waters (lakes and rivers, ponds and streams) throughout the Northeastern United States. Fish identification, with an emphasis on smaller forage fish species, will be keynoted with an impressive fish assemblage reference collection available for viewing. Actual extent of geographical coverage and lecture materials will be offered primarily on the basis of class attendees needs, including topics of shared interest. This weekend class will be primarily geared to classroom laboratory sessions and lectures, including a possible Saturday evening presentation/showing of a Northeastern fish-related topic and/or video.

The workshop will be led by David Halliwell Ph.D (David.Halliwell [at] He received his doctorate in Fisheries Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1989, while employed by the MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife as aquatic biologist in charge of statewide stream survey and inventory (coldwater fisheries) project. His dissertation is entitled: A Classification of Streams in be used as a fisheries management tool. He has been teaching NE-FISH seminars at Eagle Hill since 2001, inclusive of 63 students (over the past 14 out of 16 years), originating from the Northeastern United States and New Brunswick, Canada. He is co-author of the Inland Fishes of Massachusetts (2002) and is currently preparing a biogeographical treatise on the Inland Fishes of New England, proper (2017).

Attendees are to arrive on Friday evening in time for 6:00 dinner and the workshop will conclude by 5:00 on Sunday afternoon. Tuition $150/person, lodging $30/person per night, resident 6-meal plan is $90 ($45 for local commuters – Friday dinner and two lunches). 20% discount on lodging and tuition for multiple attendees’ per agency. Apply/Register online at

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