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General Election Results - 2015

Posted on Nov 4, 2015

ASIH Election Results – 2015

The general election results are in hand.  A total of 580 members voted in 2015!  The candidates for President-Elect were neck and neck throughout the voting period that closed on 31 October 2015.

The Board of Governors elections were announced at the Annual Business Meeting and are repeated here:

Henry S. Fitch Award Committee – Robert Espinoza
Robert H. Gibbs, Jr. Memorial Award Committee – Kyle Piller
Robert K. Johnson Award Committee – Emily Taylor
Joseph S. Nelson Award Committee – Jacqueline Webb

All the following incumbent officers & editors were re-elected:

F. Douglas Martin – Treasurer
Christopher Beachy – Editor

Wm. Leo Smith – Figure Editor
Donald G. Buth – General Ichthyology Associate Editor
Thomas J. Near – General Ichthyology Associate Editor
Robert Reis – General Ichthyology Associate Editor
Michael J. Lannoo – General Herpetology Associate Editor
Jacob Kerby - – General Herpetology Associate Editor
Wm. Leo Smith – Genetics, Development & Morphology Associate Editor
Terry Grande – Genetics, Development & Morphology Associate Editor
Dustin Siegel – Genetics, Development & Morphology Associate Editor
Jacob Schaefer – Ecology & Ethology Associate Editor
Joel Snodgrass – Ecology & Ethology Associate Editor
Karen Martin – Physiology & Physiological Associate Ecology
Jay W. Orr – Index Co-Associate Editor
Cynthia Klepadlo – Index Co-Associate Editor
Prosanta Chakrabarty – Book Review Editor – Ichthyology
Robert E. Espinoza – Book Review Editor – Herpetology

Prosanta Chakrabarty is the new Secretary!!!

Tiffany Doan is the Chair of the Nominating Committee
Whitney Anthonysamy (Herpetology), Mollie Cashner (Ichthyology), ad Caleb McMahan (Ichthyology) are members of the Nominating Committee

We elected five herpetologists and five ichthyologists to the Board of Governors – Class of 2020.  Each governor serves for five years:

Herpetology:  Carl Anthony, Alison R. Davis Rabosky, Corinne L. Richards-Zawacki, Ralph Saportio, and Steven Whitfield.
Ichthyology:  Rachel Arnold, Lara Ferry, Hernán López-Fernández, Katherine Maslenikov and Tracey T. Sutton.

President-Elect:  Carole C. Baldwin

Thanks to all who placed their names in nomination and congrats to all who were elected.  I look forward to working with you all for the rest of 2015 and during 2016!

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