Giant Sea Bass, Stereolepis gigas, by David Wang

Sabin Award for Amphibian Conservation

Posted on Jan 18, 2011

Thanks to a generous donation from Andrew Sabin, the IUCN/SSC Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) is seeking nominations for the fourth annual award to recognize individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution to promoting the conservation of globally threatened amphibians. The award will be open to individuals or groups from all disciplines relevant to amphibian conservation and research anywhere in the world. Nominations of individuals from developing countries are highly encouraged.

Individuals or groups will be considered based on contributions in any area. Examples include:
• Habitat Protection
• Capacity Building
• Education/Awareness
• Policy
• Species recovery projects
• Advances in understanding threats and how they may be mitigated
• Improving knowledge of status and distribution of amphibians
• Innovative approaches to conservation

The award of 25,000 USD will be presented to the selected recipient at a Reception in New York in Spring 2011.

Nominations should be emailed to Robin Moore at rdmoore@conservation. org, including the name of the individual or group and a detailed description of what they have done and its significance for amphibian conservation. Nominees will be assessed by a review panel representing a broad cross-section of disciplines. The closing date for nominations is Jan 31 2011.  

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