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New Copeia Online Version

Posted on Jan 7, 2010

ASIH and Allen Press will deploy a new version of Copeia online in mid-January 2010.

Following upon the successful deployment of the new Copeia print version launched in January 2008, Copeia will be available in a new and improved electronic version. The new versioninvolves an improved presentation, better navigation, and a number of new and enhanced features for saving and searching among publications, exporting and tracking of citations, among other exciting and useful features. Published papers can be viewed on screen as either pdf or full text in an appealing new form and layout, complete with embedded links to internal and external resources. Users will be able to search for other publications by authors, search for other papers citing a particular Copeia paper, create a list of favorites and customize email alerts about new publications, notifications, and special offers. Journal contents and abstracts can be viewed by all, but only ASIH members have access to full papers and all other features—yet another benefit to ASIH membership!

During the course of the next months, the editorial office and society leadership will be working to deploy a number of additional features and enhancements to the online version of Copeia. Watch for further announcements as these efforts develop.

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