Florida softshell turtle, Apalone ferox, photo by J.D. Willson

Snake Venom Extraction Assistant

BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals
Salt Lake City, UT
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The Venom Extraction Assistant assists the Supervisor, Veterinary Medical Division and the Assistant Manager/Supervisor, Herpetology Division and Senior Serpentologist, Risk Manager; and Supervisor VRL Division in the care and maintenance of pit viper specimens in the colonies of Crotalus s. scutulatus (CCS) rattlesnakes and other pit viper colonies including C. atrox (CCT), C. adamanteus (CCD) and A.p. conanti (CAP) for the extraction and supply of certified venoms for CroFab antivenom. The incumbent functions under the established protocols for EHS safety, security, and AEW husbandry.

Principle Responsibilities:

  • Performs safety and security checks daily
  • Assists in care and maintenance of pit viper specimens as part of daily routine husbandry
  • Assists the Senior Veterinary Technician Specialist with veterinary medical care and laboratory work as needed
  • Assists with maintaining a clean facility by cleaning cages, sweeping, moping, cleaning surfaces, waste removal and other activities as needed
  • Help maintain security, inventory, feeding and husbandry records and assist with other documentation and record keeping as needed
  • Utilize manual, Colossus and/or bar-coded specimen/cage data entry and data backup systems
  • Provides data input and storage in support of QMS, AEW and EHS activities
  • Provide additional backup coverage when appropriate for routine duties of Senior Serpentologist and Senior Veterinary Technician Specialist
  • Assists Supervisor Herpetology Division/Senior Serpentologist with venom extraction after completion of a satisfactory and successful period of training. May eventually be certified and authorized to extract venom from approved specimens as a back-up position to the Senior Serpentologist

Principal Relationships

  • Reports to the Assistant Manager, Protherics-Utah
  • Interacts daily to assist the Assistant Manager/Herpetology Division; Veterinary Medical Division Supervisor; other staff Serpentologist and Supervisor VRL as needed for operations.
  • Interacts with vendors (e.g., snake food, cage paper, water, etc. vendors); property manager; service agents (e.g., electricians, housekeeping, repair and maintenance, etc.); repair, remodel and maintenance workers
  • Interacts with BTG/SP IT and administrative staff


Education and Experience

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in animal husbandry including a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience working with reptiles.
  • Experience and knowledge of Crotalid, pit viper biology and behaviour.
  • Bachelor’s degree or Associates Degree with emphasis on Herpetology or equivalent experience with reptiles including pit vipers.

Skills and Attributes

  • Exemplary interpersonal communication skills, both oral and written
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working independently and in groups in a collegial manner, including cross functional teams and internal/external networking
  • Highest level of integrity. Deals with others in an open, honest and respectful manner. Can build trust in all interactions by displaying consistent high standards of ethical and professional practices. Integrity by example
  • Remains open minded and changes opinions based on new information. Performs a wide variety of tasks and changes focus quickly as demands change. Manages transitions effectively from task to task. Deals constructively with unresolved situations, changes, delays or unexpected events
  • Has the required knowledge and skills to do his/her job to the standard. Evaluates new information and tools as potential solutions to problems. Makes use of and improves on new knowledge. Develops his/her own knowledge base and stays informed of current work trends. Able to apply new concepts
  • Communicates information and ideas in a way that motivates others. Assumes a role of authority as necessary; advocates new ideas, even when risk is involved. Leads by example and able to delegate responsibility and empower others to make decisions. Provides constructive feedback to others. Follows performance standards and confronts negative attitudes
  • Manages multiple tasks efficiently. Determines work priorities in a meaningful and practical way. Uses agreed to goals and objectives to guide actions. Organizes and schedules resources and tasks. Controls own workload time management and time reports
  • Acts in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and understanding of the issues. Uses reason when dealing with uncertain or emotional subjects. Makes difficult decisions and follows through. Maintains high standards of work despite pressing deadlines. Undertakes additional responsibilities and responds to situations as they arise with or without supervision
  • Takes personal responsibility for decisions and actions. Keeps promises and delivers on commitments
  • Encourages others to generate new ideas, share knowledge and adapt
  • Learns from successes, failures and mistakes
  • Strives to deliver on all commitments on time and to the highest standard. Has a 'Can Do' attitude

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

  • Must be able to lift 50-70 pounds for long periods of time
  • Proven experience working in high stress environment

To Apply

Apply online at career4.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareer?jobId=29881&company=btgplc.

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