Florida softshell turtle, Apalone ferox, photo by J.D. Willson

MS position - herps, acoustics, AZ wilderness steams

Arizona State University
Mesa, AZ
Closing Date
ASAP, no later than 9/30/2021

The Bateman Lab is looking for a motivated student to join our wildlife ecological team at ASU to study amphibian and reptile occupancy in headwater streams along the Mogollon Rim in Arizona using bioacoustics and visual survey techniques. This applied research will include collaborators from other academic institutions and US Forest Service. The student will work with wildlife researchers in the Bateman lab and Albuquerque lab on the Polytechnic campus.

The position will be a Research Specialist for half-time (20/hr/wk) and comes with insurance and tuition benefit (up to 9 credits/sem). The position will be housed in the Applied Biological Sciences (natural resource and wildlife ecology focus) program on the Polytechnic campus in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.


We are looking for an enthusiastic student with a background in wildlife biology, environmental science, ecology, conservation biology, or related natural science field who is interested in applied research. Previous experiences handling and identifying herpetofauna, analyzing bioacoustics data, and working in desert field conditions are desired. Essential skills of the successful candidate are: proficient English writing and verbal skills; a strong work ethic in the field and lab; quantitative skills; and the ability work both independently and in a team.

To Apply

The ABS MS application deadline rapidly approaching. GRE scores are not required for admission, but they are optional should you decide you'd like to submit them. Before preparing your ASU application, please be sure to first contact Dr. Bateman by email with cover letter and CV to discuss your interests (heather.l.bateman [at] asu.edu). The graduate position start date is January 2022 (spring semester).

The Bateman and Albuquerque labs values students who can bring creative, diverse perspectives to our group.

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