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NY Times Editorial by Larry M. Page & Nathan Lujan

Date Posted: 27 Feb 2015 (Show details)

New York Times Opinion Piece published on 27 February 2015:

Animal Conservation Special Issue - Animal Translocations

Date Posted: 21 Nov 2014 (Show details)

Dear all,

The herpetofauna translocations Special Issue articles have finally been made free to access, and the entire issue is available here:

30% discount on Volume 1 of Freshwater Fishes of North America

Date Posted: 5 Jun 2014 (Show details)

John Hopkins University Press is offering a 30% discount on Volume 1 of Freshwater Fishes of North America. Edited by Melvin L. Warren, Jr. and Brooks M. Burr, and illustreted by Joseph R. Tomelleri, this volume provides enclycopedic review of the Pteromyzontidae, Dasyatidae, Acipenseridae, Polydontidae, Lepistosteidae, Ammidae, Hiodontidae, Anguillidae, Engraulidae, Cyprinidae and Castomidae.

The volume can be ordered via, over the phone (1-800-537-5487), or by mail. Use the code HNAF to receive the 30% discount.

Download the flyer

Books on Freshwater Fishes for Sale

Date Posted: 10 Jan 2014 (Show details)

David Greenfield is selling over 100 books on freshwater fishes from his library. You may contact him at greenfie [at] hawaii [dot] edu for a list and prices.

man holding male and female Kurtus gulliveri
photo of a western cottonmouth that's in a defensive posture
Western Cottonmouth in a defensive posture