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Student Awards for 2015 are posted on the website (

Date Posted: 30 Jul 2015 (Show details)

The 2015 winners of Gaige Grants, Raney Grants, Stoye Awards and Storer awards are all now posted on the website:  Click on the awards to see the names of the winners.  The information for 2016 will be posted soon.

World Congress of Herpetology 2016 - call for symposia proposals

Date Posted: 19 Jun 2015 (Show details)

The next World Congress of Herpetology will be held in 2016 in China.  The link to the meeting site is attached is:

The call for symposia has been issued (and the deadline is all too soon), but not many people are aware of it.  We really need to raise awareness of it; recent congresses have presented terrific science as well as providing excellent international communication.

If you would like any additional information, I will be happy to try to supply it (I'm a member of the Scientific Program Committee). 

Marvalee H. Wake
Former ASIH President

EOL Frog Observer Cards

Date Posted: 30 Apr 2015 (Show details)

Developed by Dr. Breda Zimkus of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Frog Observer Cards provide information about key traits and techniques necessary to make accurate and useful scientific observations. These cards are now available at

Nominations for Meritorious Teaching Award in Ichthyology Due 15 April 2015

Date Posted: 7 Apr 2015 (Show details)

This message is a reminder that nominations for the 2015 Meritorious Teaching Award in Ichthyology are due to Mike Pauers (mjpauers [at] gmail [dot] com) by April 15th, 2015.  The nomination package should consist of a letter of nomination, plus the names of at least two of the nominee's students and two of the nominee's peers who would be willing to write letters of recommendation in support of the candidate.
For more information, please go to:

Nominations for Gibbs, Fitch, Johnson and Nelson are due on 1 March 2015

Date Posted: 15 Jan 2015 (Show details)

The deadline for submission of nominations for 2015 awards is 1 March 2015. Please nominate your colleagues for recognition at the 2015 Plenary Session of the Reno, Nevada Meeting.

Robert J. Gibbs, Jr. Award:
Henry S. Fitch Award:
Robert K. Johnson Award:
Joseph S. Nelson Award:

rattlesnake in a tree
southern hognose snake coiled on woodland floor
photo of a crawfish frog, Lithobates areolata