Honorary Foreign Members

Honorary Foreign Members is a recognition of eminent distinction in research bestowed upon ichthyologists and herpetologists who are located outside Canada, Mexico and the United States. (*deceased)

Member Field Election Year Nationality & Residence
Indraneil Das Herpetologist 2014 Indian in Sarawak
Célio F.B. Haddad Herpetology 2013 Brazil
Luis Malabarba Ichthyologist 2012 Brazil
Paul Skelton Ichthyologist 2011 South African
Michael B. Thompson Herpetologist 2011 Australian
Natalia Ananjeva Herpetologist 2010 Russian
Sven Kullander Ichthyologist 2010 Swedish
Maurice Kottelat Ichthyologist 2009 Swiss
Wolfgang Bohme Herpetologist 2008 German
Anslem de Silva Herpetologist 2008 Sri Lankan
Oscar Flores Herpetologist 2008 Mexican
Keiichi Matsuura Ichthyologist 2008 Japanese
Ermi Zhao Herpetologist 2008 Chinese
Phillip Heemstra Ichthyologist 2001 American in South Africa
Gloria Arratia Ichthyologist 1999 Chilean in USA
Kunio Amaoka Ichthyologist 1997 Japanese
Robert M. McDowall* Ichthyologist 1997 New Zealander
Harold G. Cogger Herpetologist 1996 Australian
Eugenia del Pino V. Herpetologist 1996 Ecuadoran
John R. Paxton Ichthyologist 1995 American in Australia
redspot darter
single specimen of Prototroctes maraena