Robert H. Gibbs, Jr. Memorial Award for Excellence in Systematic Ichthyology

Gibbs Award Announcement

The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists solicits nominations for the Robert H. Gibbs, Jr. Memorial Award for Excellence in Systematic Ichthyology. The prize is awarded for “an outstanding body of published work in systematic ichthyology” to a citizen of a Western Hemisphere nation who has not received the award previously.The award is offered annually and consists of a plaque and a cash award (approximately $2000). The Society will present the award during the Plenary Session at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.

Nominations may be made by any ichthyologist, including self-nominations, and should include the nominee’s curriculum vitae as well as a cover letter from the nominator detailing the nominee’s specific contributions to and impacts on systematic ichthyology. Up to three supporting letters may also be included in the nomination packet.

Nominations should be submitted by 1 March for the nominee to be eligible for that year’s award. Nominations will be effective for three years.

Nominations fshould be sent to: Dr. Kyle Piller, Chair of the Gibbs Committee (kyle [dot] piller [at] selu [dot] edu). Electronic submissions in PDF, DOC, or DOCX format are required.

Past Recipients

  • 2017: Tyson Roberts
  • 2016: Melanie Stiassny
  • 2015: Jeffrey Leis
  • 2014: Naercio A. Menezes
  • 2013: Lynne R. Parenti
  • 2012: Lance Grande
  • 2011: William Smith-Vaniz
  • 2010: John G. Lundberg
  • 2009: Leonard Compagno
  • 2008: Richard Vari
  • 2007: Gloria Arratia
  • 2006: Richard Winterbottom
  • 2005: Theodore W. Pietsch
  • 2004: Edward O. Wiley
  • 2003: G. David Johnson
  • 2002: Joseph S. Nelson
  • 2001: Lawrence M. Page
  • 2000: James C. Tyler
  • 1999: William N. Eschmeyer
  • 1998: Richard Robins
  • 1997: Daniel Cohen
  • 1996: William Gosline
  • 1995: Reeve M. Bailey
  • 1994: Robert R. Miller
  • 1993: Victor G. Springer
  • 1992: Gareth J. Nelson
  • 1991: Stanley H. Weitzman
  • 1990: John E. Randall
  • 1989: Bruce B. Collette
single specimen of Prototroctes maraena
Scarlet kingsnake eating a green anole
photo of a crawfish frog, Lithobates areolata
many swamp snakes in a collector's hands